Profits or Losses?

Profits or Losses?

In the topic of the forum we received the following question:

- Why should I buy your coins or pools when you are not on any exchange?

We decided that it is a fair question, which, probably, worries not the one subscriber. It would be appropriate to devote to a separate material to it. Indeed, let us figure it out together, whether there is any sense in this. To make everything clear, we will look into the history of the project and we will go through the way of early investors from the beginning to the present. And there is something to remember!

The Ventureon project was initiated a year ago and not at all in the form in which it is presented now. During its development, it has undergone several transformations. The team worked out four working hypotheses and now you see the embodiment of the most viable of them. It all started with an attempt to create an alternative source of funding startups for the Hypercube Ventures Fund. Young and progressive team members convinced the management of the Fund to enter the cryptomarket and to attract investments from there. But the fund would not risk the investors’ money and the young team had to find funds independently. So, in August last year it was announced about the beginning of the ICO.

While preparing for a presale, tempers flared about bankrupt projects and deceived investors in the world. The most popular word in the world of crypto became the word SCAM. The lawyers accompanying the project reacted very quickly and gave recommendations on changing the policy of public placement of tokens as new laws were issued from the regulator. Ignoring the tedious details, I will just remind that the tokens were replaced by units - unit of demand notes accounting (UDNA), and later by digital currency.

Then the chronology of the events looked like this:

On December 31, 2017 it was announced about the creation of its own blockchain and the transfer of units VNN from the protocol ERC20 to the new protocol. And on February 27, 2018 investors were informed about the closure of the ICO and the financing of the project by the fund’s resources in order to speed up the development process. By this time, Blockchain Ventureon began to acquire the properties of a truly competitive product, which in many respects is better than even the most popular blockchain systems.

These are only the most important milestones in the development of the project. We will not delve into the details now. This is not the purpose of our publication. However, if someone is interested, go through the past publications - there are a lot of materials accumulated. Now let us move on to economy. What have our investors received, the earliest followers, who believed in the team and its intention and bought the very first tokens?

Those who participated in the closed presale got access to the premium issue - 100%. That is, they doubled their assets. And those who bought tokens even earlier, quadrupled their starting capital. And those who had bought in the very beginning for $ 7 - did X6. The VNN coin is now worth € 20. And all this against the backdrop of the global fall of all the cryptocurrencies. Who invested in the crypto at the same time as our investors in VNN, are now in tedious anticipation. When will the rate return even to positions of the last year? To sell now is to fix the loss. And the investors of VNN are in profit!

Yes, I understand, now experts will say that the liquidity of our coin is zero. And this means that all these incomes are not real, but virtual. You are right. I am not going to argue. Nevertheless, let me remind the esteemed experts that investing in start-ups is not about multipliers and the absence of risk. Investing in startups - about expectations and faith in the team. Those who believe in us - now receive the growth of the asset, and the rest ones –fierce competition, which is unknown when it stops.

The start of the blockchain is scheduled for August 20 this year. As we release, we will replace the tokens with the issued VNN coins to all: the holders of the tokens and UDNA. Then everyone will be able to sell, buy, and convert into any crypto currency at will. We, of course, advise you not to sell. The phase of active growth of the project, and hence the growth of its value, is ahead. But making a decision is up to you. Everyone in his decisions relies on his own strategy.

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