Results above expectations - that’s our motto!

Results above expectations - that’s our motto!

We welcome all those who have been following the Project Development Diary for a long time and those who have just joined! There is little left, before the official launch of Blockchain Ventureon. We understand that many are waiting for this, and so we are. And if you answer in two words the question, "How are things going?". Then the answer would be, "Everything is super!"

Today we have decided to sum up some of the results of the work done. Sometimes we need to stop, look back and presume the next steps. This helps to get out of the context of daily tasks and look at the "picture of the fighting" without prejudice. And when we did that, even we liked what we saw! You had rather judge for yourself.

Brief summary of the project. What we have got by this time:

The architecture of the blockchain is ready and working. There is an alpha test. The data transmission rates have been confirmed experimentally. Exchange and transaction confirmations are running at the right timing limits. In addition, the possibility of scaling the system up to the speed of acknowledgment of 1 000 000 transactions per second have been calculated and investigated. But, we repeat, we are not yet sure that it would be wise to build a blockchain with such parameters. There are yet no tasks requiring such power in the world. Or we do not know about them.

The user’s web wallet is what the user sees when he logs into his personal account. The interface is ready, testing the interaction with the blockchain and refinement is underway.

Emission (mining) pools are ready. Now, in the test mode, there are 32 emission pools. No problems were found in their work. To the test have been involved experts, and users from among the early adopters of the project, who are not involved in the development team. Their feedback can be found on the web.

Direct transactions to external blockchains and back - the technology has been checked, awaiting in line for infrastructure development. The results of the experiments are published on the project website and in social networks. Search by tag #DevelopmentDiary.

Smart contracts, including management of the assets in extraneous blockchains - the technology has been tested, awaiting in line for infrastructure development. You can also find links to the confirmation of the smart contract work in the Development Diary.

The  smart contracts contractor - the technical task has been made up, awaiting in line for the development queue.

Well, my friends! In other words, everything that we had promised has already been done, and a lot of that - ahead timing of the road map.

Whom and what for it is needed?’ would ask you.

And we will answer you:

First of all, this is a new iteration of the development of the technology itself. Quite possibly, very soon Ventureon, due to its unique technical characteristics, will compete with top-end crypto-currencies. Against the background of repeated problems over and over again when interacting with them - this does not at all seem like a fairy tale! Atomic swaps, the fastest transactions and smart contracts that manage third-party assets. Here are three main advantages that are already enough to attract the attention of the crypto community. But these are only the main advantages, and there are still others ...

Secondly, investors of Hypercube Ventures fund are waiting for the growth of the project cost. And we are fulfilling our obligations to them. The economy is designed in such a way that breakeven level will be achieved even if Ventureon will serve only the portfolio of projects of the fund. And as soon as we have the first users "from outside", the project will begin to receive a net profit, and the coin rate will rise.

That is the kind of news we have! The number of subscribers on our social networks is constantly growing. Thank you for your attention to the project! We are sure that you will not be disappointed. There are a lot of good news, useful information from the world of blockchain and useful advice from industry experts ahead of you. And we will continue to keep you informed how the thing are in the developer lab.

We are glad to see you and answer your questions on the Telegram