The time has come: the Blockchain Ventureon passed from testing mode to operating one

The time has come: the Blockchain Ventureon passed from testing mode to operating one

Developers of Ventureon have launched a blockchain system in a minimal working configuration - they are 32 emission pools.  This means that it is already possible to conduct transactions on the blockchain.

However, until August, the  infrastructure development and testing will be continued.

It should be noted that the emission pool is a self-sufficient working unit of the blockchain.  As a consequence, the throughput and the number of emitted currencies depend on the number of pools.

We can bravely say that our blockchain is already a working configuration.  That is, our developers have completed the current strategic stage in full.  In addition, soon we are planning, to some extent, even to surprise the blockchain community.  After all, our expectations from the implementation of technological solutions are justified on a day-to-day basis, and we are already getting practical results, " - said Igor Brikov, the leading IT developer of the Blockchain Ventureon project.

Despite the launch of the blockchain in the operating mode, developers continue to improve the infrastructure and its immediate testing.  "As they say, there is no limit to perfection," - note in Blockchain Ventureon.

We remind that, when designing Ventureon, developers abandoned the perverse practice of depending on the BTC rate. VNN is denominated in euros, is ensured in euros, and small operational reserves in other cryptocurrencies are needed only to support atomic swaps and are not taken into account in total capitalization. Thus, the VNN rate does not depend on the volatility of the cryptomarket. It is more information on the website.