Blockchain Ventureon Mining

Mine from € 50 per day without expenses on hardware

Blockchain Ventureon is designed to meet the community needs


Instant transaction confirmation


Multiple anti-hacking protection

More convenient

Transfers to other cryptocurrencies are made without intermediaries

More reliable

Supported by the value of real assets

No more cooler noise and electricity bills!

It's time for eco-mining now. The required processing power is provided by special emission pools based on dedicated or virtual servers.

Your PC connects to the server pool, which performs all operations. This provides system decentralization and you receive a stable profit of 2.5 VNN per day (50 euros) for each purchased pool.

Hash rate arms race is already in the past

There is no more need to buy an expensive equipment.

The complexity of computation does not grow with time, thanks to the completely different architecture of Blockchain.

Wait till your farms are delivered from China?
Forget about that!

You need three things for Ventureon eco-mining:

A simple PC or even a laptop
Rented virtual or dedicated server
Personal emission pool
(software for issue the VNN with a unique address)

Let’s look at the pros and cons

Three video cards worth €3600
(minimum for a mining farm) bring a maximum of €15 per day and pay off in 6-10 months.

VNN emission at a cost of €4500,
brings €50 a day after the blockchain launch* and pays off for 4 months.

* The planned launch time is August 20, 2018.

The pros are obvious

GPU Mining Farm VNN Mining
Launch costs, € From 3600 From 4500
Energy costs, W/h 500-750 -
Heating, 0C ~ 60 -
Noise level, dB ~ 40-60 -
Equipment obsolescence + -
Maintenance and repair Required Not required
Specially equipped room Required Not required
Dedicated power line Required Not required
Additional equipment Not required Server rental from €10 per month
Income, € per day** ≤15 ~50
Pay-off, month** 6-10 4

** Without taking into account the growth of cryptocurrency value


Upwards only!

The income of VNN miners is protected from inflation and excessive volatility of coins:

Limited number of the emission pools (only 2583), which makes competition neutral
Intervention of a system smart contract - automatically buys VNN coins, when attempting speculative pressure
The growing reference value of coins, tied to the value of funded projects of Hypercube Ventures venture fund

Buy your emission pool while we have it

0 pcs. — € 4.500
100 pcs. — € 9.999
* Start of mining on August 20

Quick connection and easy setup

Quick connection

Get the software and setup instructions right after testing the working version

Easy income withdrawal

Transfer to any currency from your personal account

Detailed account stats

You can see the profitability of the work and the exchange rate of major currencies in your personal account

Reinvest and increase your income!

You can buy a emission pool in the online store for any cryptocurrency through payment services: