8 reasons to add VNN to your assets

You will be able to deposit and withdraw funds in VNN legally and easily, including using payment cards.

You are protected from the volatility and the crypto-currency market crash. The basic value of VNN is backed by real financial assets.

Your funds are protected not only with four-kilobit encryption keys, but also with an emergency password if the transaction is made under the pressure of criminal circumstances.

You will be able to complete atomic swaps from BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, etc ... to VNN and vice versa. These are direct trans-currency transactions between third-party blockchains and major crypto-currencies, without the need of exchanges and intermediaries.

You can take part in the VNN (Mining) issue, which is carried out by VNN emission pools, without complex and expensive equipment. In no other way, VNN is issued or emitted. The number of pools is limited.

Possessing an emission pool, you are looking to the future confidently! The high-yielding emission program of VNN - the issue of all 100 million VNN coins will take about 50 years.

There is no need to wait for hours for the transaction completion. The time of confirmation is up to 3 seconds and the bandwidth of Ventureon is more than 32 thousand transactions per second.

Documentary conformation of legally obtained income within a system.


Not later than October 2018, 20:00 (UTC)

Blockchain Ventureon comming soon:

Be the first to learn about the launch and the development of Ventureon:

Attention! We do not hold an ICO and do not sell VNN coins!

You can get VNN into possession only after the launch of the blockchain:
  • By becoming the owner of the emission pool (one or several).
  • By purchasing VNN from owners of emission pools independently.
  • By acquiring surpluses centrally, with our mediation.
  • At the crypto exchange, not earlier than October 2018.

Blockchain Ventureon

VNN digital currency is used as the unit for mutual settlements.

Guaranteed Ventureon bandwidth is more than 32 thousand transactions per second. The transaction confirmation takes less than 3 seconds.
Atomic swaps are direct trans-currency peer-to-peer transactions of cryptocurrencies between third-party blockchains, which will make exchanges and large storage facilities an obsolete solution.
Reliable anti-DDoS protection. Implemented through a deep decentralization (2583 servers), it makes the hacking economically impractical.
Smart contracts to facilitate the ICO procedure, without the need for programming, based on the online VNN constructor.
Anti-intruder protection of crypto assets and resolution of disputes. Decentralized escrow service and arbitration.
Decentralized notary - the establishment of cross-border crypto companies, the identification of founders of the companies, the identification of the organizers of the ICO, the identity of creditors and borrowers, the issuance of crypto-loans, the implementation of transactions with real assets. Learn More

Digital currency Ventureon

The coin, issued in turnover on the of Blockchain Venture basis (ticker VNN)

  • In total, it is planned to issue 100 million VNN coins through a smart contract system.
  • Additional issue is impossible, except for the cases of limited issue of new coins, in exchange of the burned ones by the Arbitration decision (see below), which is also provided by a smart contract system.
  • The basic value of VNN is fully backed up by the financial reserves of Hypercube Ventures and amounts to twenty (20) Euros at the start.
  • The safe range of coin volatility for the first half of the year after the launch is: + 5% -1.43% per day.
  • In order to prevent the crash of the VNN exchange rate by the market speculative operations, an automatic mechanism for intervening and redeeming VNN coins is provided, at a system level, unchangeable smart contract.
  • At the time of issue of 50% of coins + 1 coin, a mechanism of coin's value regulation by a smart contract system is to be disconnected. At the same time, the regulatory functions of the founder company become inoperative.
  • In the future, the management is completely transferred to the automatic control of the smart contract system. The support of the rate and VNN capitalization will be provided by the Ventureon community and projects based on its platform. The supreme governing body is the Council of Arbitrators.

The VNN coins are not for sale or issue, except by means of emission pools. The issue of coins into circulation by other means and additional issue is not provided by a smart contract system.

VNN Issue (equivalent to a mining)
without using expensive equipment and energy costs

Emission, acquisition of new VNN coins, or otherwise mining, as well as processing capacity of the blockchain, are provided by software packages of emission pools, which are assigned official domain names.
The minimum operating configuration of Ventureon includes 32 emission pools or 1.24% of the 2583 pools planned by the architecture of blockchain.
Anyone can become the owner of the emission pool. You just need to share our values and pay for the cost of the software.
The only limitation is that we avoid excessive concentration of pools in one country, and there can not be more than 25 pools in one hand. This measure is taken to exclude monopolization.
The estimated income of the pool owner is 2.5 VNN (€ 50, excluding the growth of VNN) per day.
The emission program is designed to issue 100 million VNN coins within 50 years.

Positioning of Ventureon

Ventureon creates its own unique niche, beyond competition with other crypto-currencies. First and foremost, it is an investment tool that includes both the convenience and protection of the investor, as well as all the necessary tools for starting an investment project and its entry into the world of big business.

The digital VNN currency is not intended and is not suitable for speculation. The holders are protected from the extreme volatility of the Crypto-currency and the crash of the VNN rate. The smart contract system does not allow the VNN rate to sag, even with a large discharge on exchanges, since all issued coins are provided with fiat funds in the amount of the current VNN exchange rate. Over time and if desired, investors can even insure their investments.
The digital VNN currency is nominated in Euros and is created for the convenience of running business at any stage of the company's life cycle and holding an ICO.
VNN wallets allow you to receive and send payments in any crypto or fiat currency through connected atomic swap system. There is an advertising and information service being created for the wallets. There is a catalog of goods and services directly in the wallets, with the ability to make a purchase with one click of a button. You can order and pay for advertising from any VNN wallet.
The VNN Blockchain-Notary allows to open a cross-border company quickly and without delays and start a legal business in the blockchain.

Ventureon provides an opportunity

For talented and useful project to be implemented without wasting precious time and within limited funds for proving honesty and making HYIP.

Start-ups being launched on the Blockchain of Ventureon will receive:

  • Qualitative expertise, advisers and mentors
  • Notarial inspection of our team and easy registration as a cross-border company
  • Blockchain as a polygon and working tool
  • Access to atomic swaps
  • Trading platform, right in your wallets
  • Access to advertising tools, and a quota for inexpensive placement of promotional materials, also within your wallets
  • Disputes Solving through Arbitration
  • Loyal target audience of investors and consumers of the created product

Notary and Arbitrage

The notary allows organizing and registering cross-border companies, verifying the identities of the companies organizers, the identities of the organizers of ICO, the identities of creditors and borrowers. Thus the private information is opened only to the notary, thus the principle of anonymity is not violated.
The notary will work only on a voluntary basis. Open and accessible information will only be the result of a notarial check. Each action of a notary is paid at his own rates and is confirmed by a blockchain.
Arbitration solves the problems of asset theft and fraud. When providing evidence of hacking and embezzlement, arbitration may decide to block stolen coins, destroy them and issue new ones in favor of the aggrieved party.
Disputes are considered by three, five, seven Arbitrators from among Notaries. The decision of the Arbitration is final and obligatory for execution of the blockchain.

Safety of users and wallets

Main and emergency passwords to the wallet. The emergency password reports to the system that the user makes the transfer under duress. The transfer will pass, but all coins will be under close observation and tracking.
Documentary conformation of legally obtained income within a system.
The trusted wallet is the status assigned to notaries by users and companies who have passed anonymous, voluntary verification.
Submission of claims for the Arbitrator's consideration on thefts from wallets, non-fulfillment of contractual obligations, etc.
Hold - the ability to freeze funds for the period specified by the sender.
The escrow service is a guarantor ensuring payment withholding until the contract is executed.
Protection - the transfer of funds to the wallet of the recipient when introducing an additional protection code generated by the sender.

Road map*

4th quarter, 2017
  • Preparation of documentation and SOW
1st quarter, 2018
  • Preparation of documentation and SOW
  • A start on the work of creating of Blockchain Ventureon
  • Unitsale start **
2nd quarter, 2018
  • Continuation of work on the creation of Blockchain VNN
  • Alpha testing of Blockchain VNN
  • Confirmation of declared characteristics
  • A start of emission pools sales
  • Alpha testing of emission pools and mining
  • Creating web-wallets
3rd quarter, 2018
  • Beta testing of Blockchain VNN
  • Beta testing of web-wallets VNN
  • Beta testing of emission pools and their operating software
  • The first official transactions in the Blockchain
  • Legal procedures, company opening for BCh and beginning of the process of obtaining a license for the issue of digital money
  • Official start of the Blockchain and emission pools, the first issue of VNN coins
  • Unitsale completion **
  • A start of the creation of official desktop wallets
  • Launch of VNN advertising service
4th quarter, 2018
  • Launch of an investment service for projects based on VNN
  • Launch of Notary and Arbitration
  • Alpha and beta testing of atomic transactions (swaps)
  • Obtaining a license and launching payments for depositing /withdrawing fiat funds, including card payments
  • Launch of the service of catalog of goods and services
  • Alpha testing of VNN official desktop wallets
1st quarter, 2019
  • Publication of the API Blockchain VNN
  • Beta testing and official release of VNN desktop wallets

* This Road Map defines the approximate dates of the stages and is not an official document. Developers have the right to modify, supplement and edit the Road Map.

** Canceled

Blockchain Ventureon Team

Anton Sobor
CEO, Co-founder Blockchain Ventureon.
Blockchain enthusiast. Investor in cryptocurrency since 2016. Managing partner of Hypercube Ventures. 5 years experience in marketing, owner of two businesses in the real sector.
Vitaliy Serbulenko
Mentor. Blockchain enthusiast.
Managing partner of Hypercube Ventures. Chief Consultant in PC Interconsult. 15 years experience in marketing research, value proposition design, financial consulting.
Kate Kurnevich
Director of Sales and Partnerships Development
А Senior Strategic Executive in Clickky Inc. She was also a business development manager for Looksery Inc, acquired by Snapchat and worked as a marketing manager for Palma Group, the distributor of P&G in EMEA.
Elvira Ryzhova
Marketing Director
Launching of projects from scratch to the stage of sale (Looksery - Snapchat). Over 9 years in Marketing, 6 years in the field of investment and start-ups Fundraising company on Kickstarter - 150% overfulfilled the plan, traffic growth up to 1 M per day.
Irina Veretennikova
Executive Director
Dmitry Gutgarts
Chief Legal Officer
Igor Brikov
Lead Developer, IT-developer
Alex Karelov
Graphic & UI/UX Designer

Blockchain Ventureon Consultants

Simon Cocking
Europe development
Desmond Marshall
Asia development, Strategic Advisor
Vladimir Nikitin
Strategic ICO Advisor Blockchain Expert on the ICObench (TOP-7)
Christopher Karatzinis
Blockchain ICO Consultant / Advisor


Frequently Asked Questions

Wait for the official software release for mining. Install it with the help of our specialists on your own or rented, provided or virtual server. And then you may begin to mine VNN. The pool should have a reserve of 50 VNN. You can either buy them before the start of the pool, or use the first mined income for this. Selling the pool will be possible with the Arbitration sanction, in order to avoid undesirable state monopolies appearance.

Are virtual legal entities registered by a notary on the Blockchain Ventureon platform. The company is cross-border, as it is not tied to any particular jurisdiction. The choice of a legal entity form is limited only by the founder’s imagination.

To collect funds and settle payments, a cross-border company can use an account opened on the Blockchain Ventureon platform, and take advantage of our Ventureon crypto currency. So by choosing the registration of a cross-border company, you receive:

  1. Reduction of legal service costs (about 15 thousand euros).
  2. Reduction of time expenditure (about 1.5-2 months).
  3. Advantage over competitors in the time of the market entry and the product cost.
  4. Notary confirmation of the legitimacy of your company and you personally.
  5. Blockchain technology of a new generation, allowing the implementation of the most audacious projects.
  6. Ability to use all the advantages and capabilities of the Ventureon crypto currency.

Ventureon Financing

The Hypercube Ventures Fund finances the Blockchain Ventureon project at its own expense.
Hypercube Ventures and the Ventureon project, together or separately, do not hold ICO or crowdfunding campaigns, do not raise money and do not sell coins.
The contact information, where you can apply for investment in the Blockchain Ventureon project, is provided below:
investvnn.money and/or katevnn.money
Minimum investment amount is 260,000 euros.