Ventureon - Blockchain 3.0

Fast blockchain

More than 30,000 transactions per second, with confirmation in tens of milliseconds

Infrastructure for introduction into real business

Decentralized Notary, Escrow, Arbitration

Mining without equipment

Using server capacities

Maximum anti-theft protection

Emergency passwords, Protection, all types of wallets

Direct cryptocurrency transfer from one blockchain to another – a feature everyone dreamt of


Left till the end of 100% bonus issue

To start Blockchain Ventureon, the UDNA (Unit of Demand Notes Accounting) is used, later converted into the digital currency VNN.

The changes in bonus issue percentage during the unitsale period:

Unitsale stages Start date -
Sale end date
Bonus issue (%)
Pre-sale by Request
March 1 - 30, 2018
March 31, 2018
Pre-sale, stage 2
April 1, 2018
Pre-sale, stage 3
April 2 - 3, 2018
Pre-sale, stage 4
April 4 - 6, 2018
Pre-sale, stage 5
April 7 - 11, 2018
Pre-sale, stage 6
April 12 - 19, 2018
Pre-sale, stage 7
April 20 - May 2, 2018
Unitsale, 1 stage 1
May 3 - 23, 2018
Unitsale, 1 stage 2
May 24 - June 26, 2018
Unitsale, 1 stage 3
June 27 - August 20, 2018

High bandwidth - 32,768 transactions per second - with scalability

Blockchain Ventureon

VNN digital currency is used as the unit for mutual settlements

Reliable anti-DDoS protection. Implemented through a deep decentralization (2583 servers), it makes the hacking economically impractical.
Anti-intruder protection of crypto assets and resolution of disputes. Decentralized escrow service and arbitration. Learn More
Smart contracts to facilitate the ICO procedure, without the need for programming, based on the online VNN constructor.
Decentralized notary - the establishment of cross-border crypto companies, the identity of the organizers of these companies, the identity of the organizers of the ICO, the identity of creditors and borrowers, the issuance of crypto-loans, the implementation of transactions with real assets. Learn More

The commission payment implemented at the expense of the initiator of the transaction, the recipient or consolidated commission payment

Ventureon cryptocurrency

A coin issued in turnover on the Blockchain Ventureon basis

Monetary policy
  • “Moving up!” ideology
  • The growing reference value, which correlates the VNN price in the cryptocurrency market
  • In order to prevent the collapse of the VNN rate by speculators, interventions and VNN coins buyout will be implemented in automatic mode at the level of a systematic, unchangeable smart contract.
Backing of cryptocurrency
  • Low VNN volatility
  • The crypto currency value is diversified by IT and blockchain projects of Hypercube Ventures fund.
  • VNN capitalization is realized not only by demand on cryptomarket, but also by real business projects that have passed a thorough Due Diligence.

2535 pools left now

Eco-friendly mining
without using expensive equipment

Using server software for mining allows you to save on buying expensive equipment and electricity. Protect the environment!

  • Mining is provided by the software complex and the official domain name of the Ventureon (VNN) crypto currency mining pool
  • The estimated profit is 2.5 VNN (€50, excluding the growth of VNN) per day
  • Progressive cost of mining pools: the fewer vacant domains, the higher the price. See the sheet
  • Pool demo version:
Cost Available/Sold

Decentralized Notary

Absence of control and responsibility does not allow integrating the blockchain into a real business. We consider the notary to be the solution to this problem.

With the introduction of such a function, it becomes possible:

  • To establish cross-border companies;
  • To carry out transactions with real assets (real estate, transport, etc.)
  • To be credited and give out loans in crypto-currencies (with securitization, credit history check and other attributes);

The notary allows organizing and registering cross-border companies, identify the organizers of these companies, the organizers of ICO, the creditors and borrowers. Upon that, private information is available only to the notary, thus the principle of anonymity is not violated.

The notary will work only on a voluntary basis. Open and accessible information will only be the result of a notarial check. The investors who expressed an appropriate desire and own VNN UDNA are able to become notaries. Each action of a notary is paid at his own rates and is confirmed by a blockchain.

Decentralized Escrow services and Arbitrage

This new feature will solve the problem of crypto assets embezzlement. The arbitration makes decision on blocking the stolen coins, destroying them and issuing new ones in favor of the injured party when providing evidence of hacking and embezzlement.

Disputes are considered by three, five, seven Arbitrators from among Notaries. The decision of the Arbitration is final and obligatory for the blockchain.

At the initial stage, 33 Notaries / Arbitrators are required, no more than two per country. The required balance on the Notary / Arbitrator account is 100 VNN UDNA, which are frozen on the notary account. A notary / arbitrator undertakes to work for at least one year, otherwise the balance is not returned.

Position amount Minimum amount of VNNs UDNA to obtain the status
of a Notary / Arbitrator
1 position
100 VNN UDNA or more
1 position
150 VNN UDNA or more
2 positions
250 VNN UDNA or more
3 positions
375 VNN UDNA or more
5 positions
500 VNN UDNA or more
8 positions
750 VNN UDNA or more
13 positions
1500 VNN UDNA or more

Documentary evidence of the legalization of cryptocurrency income origin with anonymity preservation

VNN-wallet Security

  • Hold - the opportunity to freeze funds for the period indicated by the sender
  • Escrow guarantor service - a third person who freezes funds before the contract is executed.
  • Protection - funds defreezing on the sender's command
  • Filing a claim -a notice to the Arbitrators to deal with wallet theft, non-fulfillment of contractual obligations, etc.
  • Different types of wallets (for ordinary users and trusted ones, including collective ones) with preservation of anonymity.
  • Main and emergency passwords to the wallet. The emergency password reports to the system that the user makes the transfer under duress. The transfer will pass, but all coins will be under close observation and tracking.
  • Built-in information and advertising block and messenger with the encrypting information according to the access level (user, miner, Arbiter, Notary)

Unitsale Projects and Guarantors

Ventureon Cryptocurrency is diversified by Hypercube Ventures fund projects, which are ready for launch. The cost of VNN is related to the initial price of these projects.

All projects have a real business model and passed Due Diligence, which is conducted by the fund's experts.

The market value of projects grows as they start and develop, and the cost of VNN increases accordingly.

All VNN deposits will be insured by First Venture Insurance, and, in case of failure, will be fully compensated.

Capitalization of the first portfolio of projects is expected at the turn of $2 billion. The guarantor is the venture fund Hypercube Ventures. Fund official website:

Unitsale Details

Issue: Total amount is 100 million VNN. 1% of coins from the total amount (1million VNN) will be available from the start.
Additional issue is not provided.

Soft Cap - €500.000

Hard Cap - all **VNN buyout

Coin Type
“UDNA - Unit of demand notes accounting” - not security
Not needed
Type of offering
Public offering
Ontario, Canada
Legal form
  • - 78 % for sale
  • - 10 % to the team
  • - 7 % fund
  • - 5 % advisers and partnership program

Blockchain Ventureon Team

Vitaliy Serbulenko
Managing partner, Marketing Expert
Anton Sobor
Managing partner, Chief business development officer
Irina Veretennikova
Executive Director
Dmitry Gutgarts
Chief Legal Officer
Igor Brikov
Lead Developer, IT-developer
Vladimir Malakchi
Public Relations
Alex Karelov
Graphic & UI/UX Designer
Blockchain developers and engineers
SMM specialists
Translator/ Frontend developer

Blockchain Ventureon Consultants

Simon Cocking
Europe development
Desmond Marshall
Asia development, Strategic Advisor
Vladimir Nikitin
Strategic ICO Advisor
Blockchain Expert on the ICObench (TOP-7)



Frequently Asked Questions

All current investors-holders of VNN UDNA (including Hypercube Trust), if wished, can exchange them for updated coins at a rate of 1:1, without claiming for shares and/or share of projects, as it is provided now. It's up to you to decide whether to profit from the growth of the cost of crypto currency, mining or from the projects sale. This will give you more opportunities to achieve your financial goals.

In addition to mining, all investors will have the opportunity of additional (bonus) issue of VNN UDNA coins:

  1. the presale participants, as well as all current investors get + 100% of VNN UDNA,
  2. the unitsale participants depending on the order of the stage.

NB: type U wallets are not involved into bonus emission.

To participate in the Blockchain Ventureon Unitsale, you need to click on the link to the corresponding section of the Store and purchase the desired amount of VNN UDNA. The minimum is 10.

To acquire the VNN mining pool, as well as the right to become an Arbitrator / Notary, you can also use the Buy VNN UDNA button.

When you make any order, you enter your personal data. This will facilitate tracking the status of your order.

Wait for the official software release for mining. Install it with the help of our specialists on your own or rented, provided or virtual server. And then you may begin to mine VNN. The pool should have a reserve of 50 VNN. You can either buy them before the start of the pool, or use the first mined income for this. Selling the pool will be possible with the Arbitration sanction, in order to avoid undesirable state monopolies appearance.

Implementing what you dreamt of!

Until March 30, 2018 a Bonus issue of 100% is available

Atomic transactions – a direct, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange between different blockchains, which will make stock exchanges and large bankroll repositories an obsolete solution.

High bandwidth - 32,768 transactions per second - with scalability

The transaction confirmation time is tens of milliseconds

The commission payment implemented at the expense of the initiator of the transaction, the recipient or consolidated commission payment

Documentary evidence of the legalization of cryptocurrency income origin with preservation of anonymity